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 We only sell boards made of Japanese Kaya. Customers who purchase a Shogi board with legs will be provided with a quality guarantee, a paulownia cover and a cloth cover as accessories.
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Japanese Kaya Shogi Board
[22.8cm thick, Ki-ura]

 Shizuoka's Kaya, Our recommendation
 With a cover signed by Oyama Meijin
 With mulberry piece stands
 Price:700,000 JPY
 Product ID:SA157
 It is fine grained wood, and a wonderful work that can not be done as a cross grained board. The board was recently made of Kaya that had been dried for many years. The board comes with a paulownia cover signed by Oyama Meijin in my father's days.
Hyuga Kaya Shogi Board
[20.1cm thick, Ten-masa]

 With mulberry piece stands
 Price:2,200,000 JPY
 Product ID:SA161
Hyuga Kaya Shogi Board
[20.7cm thick, Shiho-masa]

 With mulberry piece stands
 Price:1,600,000 JPY
 Product ID:SA160
Yakushima Kaya Shogi Board
[19.5cm thick, Ten-masa]

 With mulberry piece stands
 Price:1,400,000 JPY
 Product ID:SA159
 An old tree from Yakushima (屋久島) that came onto the market from Kagoshima Forestry Office at the end of the Showa era. It is a 2000 year old Kaya. Currently, tree logging is prohibited on Yakushima, so it is a very rare material that will never be available again. The grain is very fine and the wood taste is the same as Yakusugi (Cedar). It is a gem that is rarely seen.
Hyuga Kaya Shogi Board
from Aya Forestry Office
[20.4cm thick, Ten-masa]

 Shogi board master : Tokukichi Kito
 With mulberry piece stands
 Product ID:SA101
 Hyuga area is famous for high quality Kaya, mountain trees that span the four prefectures of Miyazaki, Kagoshima, Kumamoto, and Oita are prized as Hyuga Kaya. Among them, the wood produced by Aya Forestry Office are said to be of the highest quality.
 It is almost impossible to obtain it now because it has been cut down, but when you look at the actual product, it looks like a dream.
 It is a wood from the highest quality of Hyuga Kaya, and was cut out more than 50 years ago.
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