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The board used for The 6th Eio Title 1st game(2021/07/25)

 The board produced by our shop was used for the 6th Eiou Title, Masayuki Toyoshima Eio vs. Souta Fujii Kisei, which was held on July 25 at Kanda Myojin, Tokyo.

 It is a log obtained by bidding at the Aya Forestry Office in the 1950s. A pattern peculiar to Hyuga Kaya is included in the entire end surface, and it is a board with an indescribable old wood atmosphere.

 The wood trimming that finishes the most beautifully on the top surface is Ten-masa, but it is outstandingly beautiful even though it is a small annual ring. A perfect board with no flaws is very rare, but it is one of those rare works. Please see the jewel-like reddish wood taste.

 The 6th Eiou Title is in progress at the same time as the 61st Oi Title, and the double crowns will face each other with Toyoshima Eio and Fujii Oi switching positions. Toyoshima double crown will also have the Ryuo Title after this game, and if Fujii double crown also acquires the right to challenge, they will be competing in three title games in one season.

 It is a very busy and distressing time, but I pray for all the players to take good care of themselves.

Maruhachi Gobanten
Tokujiro Kito

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Hyuga Kaya Shogi Board [18.8cm thick, Ten-masa]

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