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 It is said that Kaya, the best material for Go boards and Shogi boards has beautiful wood grain, unique color and fragrance of material including oil, and its elegant appearance is said to be a gem of board.

 The grain of wood and the hardness inside are constant, and it is also elastic, and the sound of hitting Go stones is beautiful as well as being easy to hit.

 The luxury Go board of Maruhachi Gobanten is not only a handmade product made by traditional craftsmanship, but is also a first-class wood suitable for the board, such as the quality of Hyuga Kaya, Yakushima Kaya, etc. We are particular about whether or not.

 In particular, the ones we would like to introduce here are the special selections of Go board that we confidently recommend. Recently, many people sit in chairs and play, and table boards are also on sale.

 The Kaya board made of first-class wood embodies the beauty of nature, as if it were a jewel of wood.

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