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 Introducing New shogi pieces. At our shop, we take special care so that all the pieces are in harmony, and all the works are gems that the owner myself was particular about.

 The price does not include shipping fee. All of our luxury Shogi pieces come with a paulownia flat box, a pieces box, and a Tatsumura silk pieces bag as accessories.

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Satsuma Tsuge peacock figured Filled pieces
[By Hakusui, Maki-Ryoko, 3 Kings]


 Price : 170,000 JPY

 Product ID:A184

 It is Hakusui's Ryoko completed in bold. It is gorgeous Maki-Ryoko that made of finest Satsuma boxwood, and the size of the piece looks large. Satsuma is a little hard, and especially figured wood has a metallic feel to play.

Mikura Tsuge tiger striped Filled pieces
[By Doshin, Maki-Ryoko, 3 Kings]


 Price : 190,000 JPY

 Product ID:D327

 This is a natural material made from the same part of a single tree. The rough straight grain of the wood is clear, and there is a glitter pattern on the entire wood. The more you use it, the darker the color and the clearer the tiger stripe becomes. The typeface is Maki-Ryoko, the best-selling Eeisui styele.

Satsuma Tsuge lightning figured Carved pieces
[By Kunizo, Maki-Ryoko, 3 Kings]


 Price : 230,000 JPY

 Product ID:A183

 It is the popular Kokuzo's Maki Ryoko. My favorite Eisui style Ryoko, the execution is undisputed. Since this work takes time and effort, it is said that only 2 sets can be made in a month at most. The wood is also the finest lightning figured Satsuma with a dark color, and the patterns of all 20 pawns are in perfect harmony.

Mikura Tsuge tiger striped Filled pieces
[By Doshin, Maki-Ryoko, 3 Kings]


 Price : 180,000 JPY

 Product ID:A182

 Mikura Tsuge's tiger striped wood. It is a material that is easy on the eyes because it is made of a dark single wood with a glittering tiger stripe peculiar to natural materials.

Satsuma Tsuge peacock figured Carved pieces
[By Hachisuka, Kiyoyasu, 3 Kings]


 Price : 240,000 JPY

 Product ID:A181

 Hachisuka's carving is the same as Eisui up to the typeface name, and everything is Eisui's style itself. The most popular typeface is Maki Ryoko, which sells well, but I love Kiyoyasu, so I'm struck by Kiyoyasu. Recently, orders to carving masters such as Hachisuka, Kunizo, and Shogetsu are increasing.

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