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 Hachisuka, Kunizo, and Seiho, who are masters of carving, Kakuho and Chikufu, etc. We have a wide variety of Shogi pieces to meet any needs of you.

 The price does not include shipping fee. All of our luxury Shogi pieces come with a paulownia flat box, a pieces box, and a Tatsumura silk pieces bag as accessories.

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Mikura Tsuge straight grained Carved pieces
[By Seiho, Minase]


 Price : 140,000 JPY

 Product ID:S656

 It has darker color, variegated straight grain with shades and was removed near roots. In spite of the basic Minase typeface, I like it because of the sharp carving of Seiho style. His carving is unique and has contrast of thick and thin. This is the Seiho style Carved pieces.

Mikura Tsuge fine straight grained Carved pieces
[By Morihiro, Minase, 3 kings]


 Price : 160,000 JPY

 Product ID:A144

 Morihiro is the craftsperson that I have been paid attention to for quite some time. This work, large and bold Minase, is a wonderful work cared about small details. He has a unique sense and is promising. The wood is elegant whitish fine straight grained Mikura material. It has faint tiger stripe, and the more you use it, the clearer the pattern becomes.

Mikura Tsuge faint tiger striped Carved pieces
[By Shogetsu, Kinki, 3 Kings]


 Price : 170,000 JPY

 Product ID:A103

 Shogetsu, a promising new artist who I was deeply impressed by his talent. It is normal Kinki carved pieces, but if you look closely, each engraved line is beautiful. It's pieces of masterly workmanship that is different from any other.

Mikura Tsuge rough straight grained Carved pieces
[By Shogetsu, Shokko, 3 kings]


 Price : 180,000 JPY

 Product ID:A148

 Popular carved pieces of Shogetsu, which wer completed in the New Year. I only ask for high-quality pieces of Satsuma material, but this time, I asked him to use rough straight grained Mikura. I am satisfied with the typeface that has a bold presence no matter what kind of wood is used, but from the artist's point of view, it seems to be troublesome and difficult.

Satsuma Tsuge lightning figured Carved pieces
[By Shogetsu, Kinki, 3 Kings]


 Price : 190,000 JPY

 Product ID:A157

 The most popular typeface in our shop is Minase, but the 3 major typefaces are selling well. This time, we ordered Shogetsu, who is famous for bold Shokko, to make fine type Kinki. Please see the reliable craftsmanship regardless of the typeface.

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